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California White Sage Bundle

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 California White Sage Bundle Large Smudge Stick, 8" - 9"

Smudge sticks are bundles of dried herbs which can be burned and used like incense. They have been used traditionally by Native tribes, and have become popular in modern spirituality as well. They can be used as a type of incense, or for smudging.

Smudge sticks are typically used to help "clear energy" especially in relation to negative energy or spirits. Smudge bundles are made from Sage plants,


Smudging has been a practice in traditional cultures and tribes around the world, especially those who had Shaman, Medicine People, or others with spiritual insight and a deeper connection with nature. It is becoming a common practice by spiritualists today.

Smudging is done to purify. It can be done to cleanse a place or a person (yourself or someone else willing). It’s not really a replacement for sweeping the floor or vacuuming the carpets, the cleansing is on a metaphysical energy level. For those who aren’t familiar with it, cleansing an area on a metaphysical level means to purify the area of negative energies.

What are negative energies? Dark thought forms, negative sentiments and emotions, etc., which leave an imprint that affects the feeling of a place. Have you ever walked into a room and felt it was heavy, dense, and just sort of unpleasant to be in, without there being any reason for your intellect to pinpoint? Have you ever left a place, such as a funky gas station, crowded mall, or dirty city street, feeling drained, emotionally heavy, or having dark and degrading thoughts that aren’t part of your usual thought patterns?

Without getting into the science behind it all, smudging with herbs such as sage, lavender, palo santo, and others can help immensely in cleaning yourself or a place of these dark and heavy energies, leaving one feel light and calm.

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