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Assorted Essentail Oil Blends for Grief 1/2 oz.


1A) Mourning Rose - Slight hint of rose with other essential oils. This should help heal overwhelming despair, soothes grief and shock, helps you release traumatic emotions, and may deeply heal the heart and soul after the loss of a loved one. 2B) Mourning Lilly -Slight hint of Lilly with other essential oils. Its relaxant qualities and its ability to help overcome insomnia, anxiety, depression, and overwhelming chaotic energy. 3C) Remembrance Blend - Bergamot and other essential oils. This scent reminds us that we can grow and move forward. NOTE: Each Oil IS SOLD SEPARATELY. Direction: 1- Add 1 to drops in a Oil Diffuser or Oil Warmer and relax. 2- Can also add 5 drops to bath water.

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