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Essentail Oil Diffuser 500ML

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Mocha Essential Oil Diffuser : A Good Oil diffuser can help you remove odors, reduce stress, promote sleep and to provide a soothing and relaxing environment. This ultra-quiet essential oil diffuser keeps your home smelling nice and prevents dry air, dry skin, and flu, cold germs. 4 Misting Modes: This aromatherapy diffuser have 500ml large capacity water tank that can run up to 4 hours of continuous output. Timer of 1H/2H/5H are intermittent mode, mist 30s and stop 30s. Suitable for all night sleep, office work, yoga, spa. (white, green, dark green, pink, purple, yellow, blue and dark blue). Each light is adjustable between dim and bright, It will create sweet and romantic atmosphere for your bedroom, office, spa room, living room.

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